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Blogging on Wordpress

Blogging is indeed a very popular hobby and money maker online. You might think now that i’m here because of money. Well, i’m probably amazed with that opportunity and to engage my self with it is not a bad idea but i’m here because i feel to write on a page where i can put everything comes into my mind. Talking and sharing experience is basically a good way of interacting with other people and aside from that its also my interest that’s why some of my¬†colleagues find me slight gabby. So i come to this blogging and decided to create a venue of my ideas online.

Now i choose to be hosted in wordpress. As u can see, i’m very much noob in using wordpress but i can say it’s pretty easy to use and i’m comfortable with it.

As of now, i’m trying to google up things or plugins that will help me in my blogging world. And this built in plugins of wordpress is cool as well. Plugins are really interesting and some more of it is what i want to have a good start. Can you recommend something that’s best for worpdress?


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