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5 Great Moves to Improve your Life

Do you wish to be a more efficient worker, better husband, dedicated son, healthier, more richer etc. Maybe some of you have already started your steps towards development. But for some who have just waiting little stars to come down – it’s a wish that never acted on.

Some might starting to abide several strategy with hopes that it’ll be the right way but in the long run they feel like they have chosen the wrong way. Others might tend to give up their goal and give up on trying. Because of this, i have found some good piece of advice that can be applied universally:

1. Take it slowly but the result is surely worthy

Perhaps the definition of a certain word or any other term can surprisingly be found by means internet. No books is needed and can browse it infinitely. That’s how fast and quick the information flows through the new era but definitely not on personal development.

Transforming your self into something which your not used to must be a thorough and step by step procedure. There are no ways for you to take the shortcuts or else some piece of your development might be compromised. Things are not meant for a sudden transformation. It probably takes longer time for the new one to be very riped.

2. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” is a known proverb from Chinese. An analogy that can be somehow true to personal development. Things won’t work for your if your not ready to embrace it.

Phrases like “I can’t”, “Next time” and “I’m sorry” are some indicators that your not fully prepared to take a change. It’s does not need to either a forceful act. Becoming more economical on shoppings won’t succeed if you still aching for shoes displayed there and pants hanged up there.

Acceptance and readiness is indeed vital for a change to come in.

3. Build upon each success

How we treat challenges in our life? Successfully overcoming it does make you feel better? Each success indeed contribute to another challenge.

As we all know, life is roller coaster ride. We tend to pass or encounter several obstacles that affects our lives. But we also know that after conquering challenges is a great step of development. Saying like you learned to wake up early in the morning already gives you a success on your goal and another one must be set to level it to a higher step.

4. Continual process of learning

You may have heard of Tony Robbins, David Allen and other personal development gurus. Sure they may seem to have their lives in order. One would also assume they apply productivity techniques and positive thinking on a constant basis.

However, they have spent years upon years of self reflection and perpetual learning to achieve their goals. Even so, they are continually learning, perfecting their techniques and improving their mental states all the time.

Do not expect to go from zero to hero in an instant. Take each challenge as a lesson, then build upon each lesson to constantly refine who you are, what you do and how you do it.

5. Don’t be discouraged with setbacks

When things go well, you feel happy. However, the flip side of this is when things don’t go well, you feel sad. The reality is you cannot win all the time. There will be occasions in which you just cannot accomplish a goal. Perhaps, you are too tired because of your work commitments. Perhaps, you are distracted by other things like planning a wedding. Perhaps, you are feeling down and cannot summon the motivation.

Whatever the reasons may be, do not be discouraged with setbacks. The most important thing to keep in mind is telling yourself you will try harder next time. So you’ve missed a morning by not rising early. Big deal, just try harder the next morning. Setbacks are ok, but continual setbacks are not. Do what you can to ensure you do not get trapped in a negative pattern or repeated setbacks.

Celebrate your victories whenever you can. I have found this to be one of the strongest techniques you can apply to maintain motivation. You are working hard for a reason. It is just human nature that we do difficult things only for a reason. So take moments even during the day to observe and enjoy the results of your hard work and use this as a platform to newer and more ambitious goals.


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