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Tips on Effective Blogging

Blogging is not just simply building up a site and the rest goes with your preference and own convictions. How do you define blogs that has a massive number of visitors? Why others have weak traffics and the tendency of snub is high?Audience plays the vital role in blogging. As much as possible, we design and organized our blog to make it right good and pleasant in the eyes of readers. But unfortunately some overdid the word designing and somehow blog without any orientation of what really she/he is up to.

As i have mention earlier, audience is essential to identify the impact of your blog. Their preference is our goal this time. Obviously, they love visiting a blog that caught their interests and entertain them. Knowing that there are pool of internet users nowadays. It’s not just teenagers who will use to read what you have written. You must be able to post relevant contents and let your user be the master of your web page.

1. User-Friendly. A great Blog doesn’t tend visitors to click the [x] mark or holding ALT + F4 in keyboard just because your Blog loads too slow. Your Blog should not have couple of Media or Images (Youtube, Imeem) embed in your blog post that could make readers browsers slower. Remember that there are still Dial-up users.

2. Browser Compatiblity. Browsing Statistics says that Firefox has become popular, but still Internet Explorer is the common browser. Some scripts are compatible in IE but not in FF, and some are compatible in FF but not in IE. When choosing scripts, make good use of those that are highly compatible to both IE and FF.

3. Content. Text languages in typing is now ranging the minds of young generation. TyPinG LyK disH is quite not good in the eyes. Text languages are very popular. Let us bring back the capacity of formal writing in good manner.

4. Avoid Pop-Up Scripts. “Hi, Welcome Visitor!” “Before leaving, please drop me a testimonial.” Tricks are poor sometimes.

5. Use your Own Photos. Using your own photos interests your readers connected to you. Thus, promoting good content of your Blog. How would you feel if your friend uses celebrity or disgusting pictures? Use nice photos that will interest your readers.

6. Do not Link Websites You Do Not Know. Don’t be proud to have more than 1000 links! This is for your own security and privacy. Here’s a true story about my friend who had been a victim of Blog impersonator.

7. Do not use Auto-Play Music or Video. Let your visitors or readers choose to play it or not. It also adds fast-loading feature to your Blog.

8. Well-Organized. Try to type like a professional. Try describing your self in a professional way. What do you think will others feel while reading your Blog? Smoothness will be felt by the readers.

9. Blending of Colors. As much as possible avoid blending colors that contrast eyes. It will tend visitors to click the [x] mark or holding ALT + F4 instead of being interested in your Blog.

10. Neat and Simple. Glittery, large, blinkies, and heavy loading images make Blog too slowly to load. Limiting your Blog into 3-5 small images will enhance the simplicity of your Blog.

11. Choose High Quality Blog Layouts. When choosing Blog Layouts websites, be critic and choose Quality not quantity.

12. Blog and Design. What you are blogging about should well-matched to your blog contents. Designing a blog isn’t it difficult if you a specific niche or content of your blog.

13. Share This to your Readers. If you find this Blog Tips Useful, sharing these Tips is appreciated.


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