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The Filipino Today: Invaluable Piece of Encouragement

The hostage fiasco that was happened last August 23,2010 trembled every Filipinos around the globe. Some can’t hide their anguish towards their own motherland. They acted like disgracing their fellowmen because of their stupidity in dealing with the victims as well as the abductor on the said catastrophe.

What is really the role were now on in this crisis we are facing right now? Did you really consider yourself foreigner just now because of one life turning event? Abandonment is probably not a good idea. Not even the right time to get our shoes on and walk our own separate ways.

Fortunately, i can still find brave people who stand barefooted trying to raise back the downed heads of Filipino men. In his note in facebook, he hearteningly describe what and who really Filipino are. He even humbly asked for forgiveness from HK and other parts of the world on behalf of his country. Such an inspiring and noble man indeed. I am pleased to share to you this excerpt from his original note:

What we see and hear of the Filipino today is not all that there is aboutthe Filipino. I believe that the Filipino is higher and greater than all these that we see and hear about the Filipino. God has beautiful story forus as a people. And the story that we see today is but a fleeting portion of that beautiful story that is yet to fully unfold before the eyes of our world.

So let’s rise as one people. Let’s pick up the pieces. Let’s ask for understanding and forgiveness for our failure. Let us also ask for space and time to correct our mistakes, so we can improve our system.

To all of you my fellow Filipinos, let’s keep on building the Filipin ogreat and respectable in the eyes of our world – one story, two stories,three stories at a time – by your story, by my story, by your child’s story, by your story of excellence at work, by another Filipino’s honesty in dealing with others, by another Pinoy’s example of extreme sacrifice,by the faith in God we Filipinos are known for.

Every Filipino, wherever he or she maybe in the world today, is part of the solution. Each one of us is part of the answer. Every one of us is part of the hope we seek for our country. The Filipino will not become a world-class citizen unless we are able to build a world-class homeland in our Philippines.

We are a beautiful people. Let no one in the world take that beauty away from you. Let no one in the world take away that beauty away from any ofyour children! We just have to learn – very soon – to build a beautiful country for ourselves, with an honest and competent government in our midst.

Mga kababayan, after reading this, I ask you to do two things.

First, defend and protect the Filipino whenever you can, especially among your children. Fight all this negativity about the Filipino that is circulating in many parts of the world. Let us not allow this singleincident define who the Filipino is, and who we are as a people. And second, demand for good leadership and good government from our leaders. Question both their actions and inaction; expose the follies of their policies and decisions. The only way we can perfect our system is by engaging it. The only way we can solve our problem, is by facing it, head on.

We are all builders of the beauty and greatness of the Filipino. We are the architects of our nation’s success.

To all the people of HK and China, especially the relatives of thevictims, my family and I deeply mourn with the loss of your loved ones. Every life is precious. My family and I humbly ask for your understanding and forgiveness.

Excerpt from The Filipino Today by Alex Lacson

Here is the full piece of The Filipino Today.


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